New Year, New Bike?

salsa fargo 3
Since the new year is upon us, I have been contemplating my next bike build. That, and also another full bike, but for now let’s stick with the new bike build. I have been tossing around quite a few ideas in my head as to what I “need” in my bike stable, and ideally, it would not overlap any with the Fargo. I really want to avoid any sort of bike overlap. That said, here are a few options:

– SS 29er: I am a big fan of the big hoops, and also of riding single speed. I have been riding single speed for quite some time now, and frankly I miss not having one ready to go in the old garage. Quite a few options in this category, but a SS El Mariachi would be amazing.
– SS Fatbike: I am also a big fan of the fat wheels. My former SS Pugs was a blast to ride, and with the proper gearing, maybe even a dingle speed, it would be almost perfect. Case in point would be the Salsa Blackbarrow DS.
– Disc Trucker: A Surly Disc Trucker frame, built with the majority of the parts I have laying in my bin from the old Troll. That frame, set up as a 1×9, with a front rack only could be a lot of fun.

I have even considered building a single speed Fargo, which I think would be absolutely amazing. Drop bar single speed trail shredder? Sign me up.


2 thoughts on “New Year, New Bike?

  1. Surely a SS 29+ a marriage between fat and large?
    I have 5 bikes and also have endeavoured not to overlap use. Lynskey 29er with rohloff. Fat bike for bikepacking, mercian steel road tourer, lynskey road bike and a brompton folder. All different all lovely

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