Foes Fatbike!

Fat bike game is seriously upgraded…

Likin' Bikin' bits


Foes Fatty

How ’bout some more info on the Foes Fatbike that appeared on our Facebook page recently.

With no pre-hype, no blowhard reviews from “fatbike-authorities”, no leaked spyshots years before production, or  any of that other nonsense, the Foes Fatbike is done and ready to ride. And we’re proud to be part of this project.

How’d it all come about? Simple actually. One spring day in 2014. I was on the phone with Foes and, as it frequently does, the subject of our fatbiking addiction came up. This quickly turned into a conversation of “what if’s” and “we should’s”, though jokingly at the time, about a Foes fatbike.

First, it was just talk of doing a hardtail, SSV like, frame with 190mm spacing and room for 5″ tires on 100mm rims. Of course it didn’t take more than a few seconds before we were speculating on the feasibility of……

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