Troll Work.

surly troll
With the pleasant weather, the bike stand comes out of the garage and wrench time happens in the yard. After switching the Troll back to MTB duty for a possibly trade, the other side decided to go a different direction. Luckily, I still have the Troll. I have been tossing around the idea of getting rid of it, but I am certain that I would not be happy about it. So, long story short, it is going to stay. It’s a cool bike.

I am however, planning my next build. Leaning quite a few directions too. I would like a fat bike again, as I feel I might not have given the big tires enough time to feel the flow. I am still intrigued by the Krampus, which might fit my riding style a little better. I am wanting a lighter road bike, say, like a Pacer, or even a steel Specialized Allez. And then also a SS 29er, like the El Mariachi. In a perfect world, I would buy them all…


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