1st Dirt Test for the Salsa Fargo.

dirt test
Finally had a great dirt test for the new Fargo. My bro in law and I headed out to the never disappointing Lake Hope state park to ride their great trail system. This was my first real test on the Fargo in the woods, on actual single track. Sure, I have tooled around a local nature preserve, and spent some time on the road, but what about single track?
dirt test salsa fargo
The Fargo handled the single track pretty well, but it did take a little time for me to adjust my riding style to the bike. Climbing was pretty straight forward, and it was surprisingly comfortable in the drop portion of the Woodchipper bars. Standing to climb however, took some weight adjustment to keep traction to my rear wheel, as it wanted to spin out on steeper climbs. Speaking of spinning out, during higher speed turns, I had to force myself to keep my weight rearward. Every turn that I forgot I found myself drifting through the turns. Fun, but definitely kept me on my A game.
dirt test
The most surprising aspect of this bike to me though, was the handlebars. When I bought the bike, I assumed that I would not like the bars, and would be switching them out for some On One Mary or Jones Loop bars. After this ride, I will be sticking them out a little longer. They definitely grew on me, as the longer I rode the bike, the more I caught myself in the drops. It just felt right, even on single track descents. It might be out of the ordinary, but I like it.

Overall, this was a great first dirt run on this bike, can’t wait to get a few more in!


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