Surly Troll mods…

surly troll
With the nice weather today, I pulled my work stand out of the garage and made some long overdue changes to the Troll. First, the brakes were swapped from these old, completely shot Hayes Mechanical discs, to my new set of Avid BB7s. The rotors were replaced too, as they were shot as well. I then reinstalled my set of Mavic wheels with the super skinny Kenda Dred Treads in a 1.8″ variety. This is going to give the Troll a very different feel, but I do like the way it looks:
surly troll
Next up will be a new set of brake lines, and possibly back to running gears. This setup just might spell the end of me owning a Cross Check, as there might be some overlap with the two bikes. And also, I have had my eye on a few other bikes as of late…


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