New Things, Here and There…

Lots of new bike related purchases coming in lately. Well, not lots, but a few. Regardless of the number, it is always nice to get things in the “regular” mail. First up:
new things
If you are familiar with Rivendell, then this book is no surprise. Just Ride by their founder Grant Peterson, is a great read. Super quick, each chapter reads like a magazine article, and the book covers a wide variety of cycling topics. I finished it in a few hours, and look forward to reading bits and pieces here and there for quite a while. I liked it so much that I shot off an email to Mr. Peterson himself, just with a note essentially saying, “I dig this book, well done.” To my surprise, he emailed me back. Classy right there. Maybe someday I can pull the trigger on a Riv…
new things
I also won an auction on eBay for a new set of brakes in the form of Avid BB7s, which are my favorite disc brake out there. This new set came with rotors, calipers, and the bolts to install on the Troll, and shipped from Hong Kong super fast. I usually stay away from purchases like this, and try to support my LBS as much as possible, but this whole package ended up costing me around $55 total, which was a bargain. Hard to pass that up.
fat tire ale
While I did not get this in the mail, this one is new to Ohio. New Belgium Brewery is finally shipping their goods to this great state, so naturally I picked up a bomber of the classic Fat Tire ale. Great beer, and for $2.99 for 22oz it is a delight. Glad to have this one in town now!

Looking forward to what else this new year brings!


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