Brooks B17 narrow long term test.

Long term test of my Brooks B17 leather saddle. If you are considering a leather saddle, go with the best!

Outside Cincy

brooks saddles
After two years of usage, I feel that I can finally weigh in on the Brooks B17 narrow leather saddle. Brooks has been making high quality bicycle saddles for a long time, and the quality of the product shows. Let’s take a look at how mine has held up…
brooks b17
If you are thinking of a leather saddle, be warned. These seats take some time to “break in.” Some folks will tell you it takes 1000 miles. Some will tell you to cook your saddle in your oven for 10 minutes prior to your first ride. I definitely did not do that. Once I had the saddle in hand, before mounting, I lathered the hide top and bottom with Brooks’ own Proofhide leather conditioner. After the B17 was covered, it was mounted on the bike, and away I went. Did it feel amazing directly out of the box? Absolutely not. It…

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