Bikes for Sale?

salsa fargo 2

In my current state of wanting to mix up my stable to make room for a Fargo, I am seriously thinking of selling both my Troll and Cross Check. I figure if I sold both of them, that would cover most of the cost of a new Salsa Fargo, and I would make up the difference and splurge for the Fargo 2. It’s blue you see, and I like blue bikes.

My concern though, would the Fargo cover both of these versatile bikes’ duties? I use the Troll for single track and bike packing, and the Cross Check handles the road and gravel duties. Would the Fargo be the end all, be all, one bike to roll?

Anyone out there with a Fargo that has used it in all situations?


4 thoughts on “Bikes for Sale?

  1. I got a Fargo 2 for Christmas last year And love it. I use it for mixed road commuting, child trailer pulling, and single track.

    I’m considering adding a fork and maybe even a flat bar to be more singletracknoriented in the future.

    Hope you enjoy!

    1. Awesome Johnathon! It really seems like a solid bike, but I’m not so sure I can bring myself to sell both of my bikes. I have the dreaded new bike fever…

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