Troll Thoughts…

surly troll
The Surly Troll is a pretty amazing bike. After running it with some super skinny 1.8″ Kendas, I needed to switch my wheel set back to the larger rubber for an upcoming trip. Going to the mountains, and as of today they were covered with a good layer of snow. But, didn’t you just get rid of your fat bike?

I really liked the fat bike, it was awesome. But, I feel that it filled the exact same niche as the Troll. The Troll is a blast to ride, and having some versatility with different wheel sets makes the bike really spectacular. Speaking of different wheel sets, I am really considering a set of these for my next big bike purchase:

surly rabbit holePhoto from Dirt Rag.
The new wheel on the block, the Surly Rabbit Hole in 26+, as shown above on the new Surly Instigator. 50mm rim, with large tires like the shown Dirt Wizard 26×2.75″ would make the Troll a great skinny fat bike. At least it would work well for what I need it for.

bookers bourbon
Enough about that. Its time to be off for good food, some single speed snow riding, family time, and bourbon drinking activities that make Thanksgiving amazing!

Happy Thanksgiving!


4 thoughts on “Troll Thoughts…

  1. Have you tried putting the dirt wizards on the troll? I’m interested in doing this myself and wondering if you had any issues with tire clearance.

    1. I have not, haven’t pulled the trigger on a new wheelset just yet. I would imagine that there would be minimal clearance issues, as I normally run Ardent 2.6’s on Sun Ringle Singletrack rims and can run them all the way forward in the dropouts. If you go for it, please let me know how it works!

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