Surly Troll v4.0

surly trollYes, I know the chain is too slack…
With bikes for me, the only constant is change. That said, this is the new version of the Troll. I had the plans of building this into a cyclocross bike of sorts, then bought a Cross Check and kind of scrapped the idea. Today however, I decided to move forward with it anyway, if for nothing else, a change.
surly troll
The big changes that I made were pretty simple; Open Bars were flipped, wheel set changed to a lighter set of Mavics, and tires went from the massive 2.7″ down to the Kendas in 1.8″ in size. Lots of empty space where the tires used to be.
kenda dred tread
After a quick spin around the neighborhood, this is going to be a sporty build for the Troll. I like the way the bike accelerates now, as it feels way lighter than it has been in the past. How long will it stay in this configuration? Your guess is as good as mine.


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