Beer Bike take 2.

beer bike
Finished up my latest bike build today, the Beer Bike. The sole purpose of this ride is to go to a brewery, get your growler filled, and ride home to enjoy the craft beer goodness. The only way to pick up your beer!

The bike is a mid 90s steel Schwinn Woodlands mountain bike cheaply converted into a single speed. Since the frame has semi-horizontal dropouts the gearing is easily adjusted on the still intact cassette. Surprisingly, the Schwalbe Big Apples in the 2.35″ width fit into the frame for a big, lively ride. And also, only a rear cantilever brake, since this is no race car. Last highlight comes in the form of the Growler Cage, which holds your beer. Not bad.

Definitely an interesting bike. I have been holding onto this frame for a while now, and it is good to see it finally functional. That said, it is listed for sale in the local Craigslist. Cool bike, but I probably will not use it like I should.


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