Cyclocross bike in my future?

Usually when it comes to cycling, I get an idea in my head and it consumes me. I try and try to shake the notion, but the idea just lingers around until I finally get my way, or another idea takes it’s place. That idea, for the time being, is that I think I want a cyclocross bike. Scratch that, I NEED a ‘cross bike! Here are a couple that have been bouncing around my head as of late:

all city nature boy
The All City Nature Boy is one that I think would be amazing. Single speed, steel, and name drop to Ric Flair makes this bike pretty cool in my book. Weighs in at around a cool grand though. Next up:

Nashbar SS 'Cross
Bike website Nashbar has their much cheaper version of a single speed ‘cross bike, for the low price of $399. Very similar to the Nature Boy, but with super cheap parts, and I’m sure the steel quality is a little different. But for $399, it might be worth a shot.

I probably won’t be racing cyclocross this season, but I am for sure going to try next year.


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