New Surlys, or Surlies, or Surleez…

Since the large gathering in the desert known as Interbike is happening now, as per usual Surly has updated their website with their new goods. Here are some of my favorites:
surly stragglerSurly Straggler
Basically a disc version of the fabled Cross Check with a different rear dropout. 135mm rear hub spacing, and those new fancy Knard 41mm tires.
surly pacerSurly Pacer
Pacer is not much changed, only it’s red. And it looks good.
surly instigatorSurly Instigator
The newly updated Instigator. 26″ Rabbit Hole rims in 50mm with the new Dirt Wizard 26+ tire. Fox Float 32 fork with 140mm of travel. Lots of internal get rad juice.
surly ECRSurly ECR
The new ECR is essentially an Ogre with 29+ tires. Load it up and go camping.
surly pugsleySurly Pugsley
Pugsley, in blue. I rest my case.


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