Surly Troll v3.1

surly troll v3.1
Switched up the gearing on the Surly Troll this afternoon. Since I recently converted the Pugsley back to gears, I have been searching for a dedicated SS for the woods. Then it hit me: Why the hell should I buy a new bike when it is absolutely unnecessary? I enjoy riding the Troll in the woods, so how about a trail friendly gearing? Yes please.
surly single speed chainring
I was running a 38×20 gearing, to cover both road and trail duties. As of right now, I am annoyed at riding on pavement, so the gearing as it sits is at 32×20. A little lower than I usually run for a single speed in the dirt, but a little easier on the knees. The Troll has now entered Beast Mode.


3 thoughts on “Surly Troll v3.1

  1. I love the simple look of your bike. May I ask what headset and handlebars you use? I would love to bring myself more into the upright position to put less strain on my wrists.

    1. Thanks! I am using a Chris King headset and Surly’s Open bar handlebars in the 40mm rise version. I am really happy with this setup finally. These bars work well both around town and in the woods surprisingly. Hope you find what you are looking for!

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