Mountain Biking in North Carolina.

North Carolina road trip
Every time there is a family get together in our clan, the bicycles are loaded up to find some trail time at our destination. This Labor Day weekend, our family made the trip to a rental house near Hendersonville North Carolina, which just so happens to be near two amazing trail networks.
pugsley at bent creek
Our first trail was Bent Creek, which is located in Pisgah National Forest. As you can tell by the photo above, the ride started off to a bad start. For some reason, my front tire on the Pugsley started losing air. After my pump malfunctioned, my brother in law rode back to the trail head to pick up a CO2 pump, and came back with his floor pump as well. For some reason, after only using the floor pump, the tire inflated and held air. After that hiccup, it was game on.
bent creek
Bent Creek was a great trail system, and even though it started with a small setback, it was awesome to be in a new area just enjoying nature. I kept my camera in my pack as I didn’t want to stop to take pictures.
pugsley at dupont state forest
Day 2 brought DuPont State Forest, where we started at the Lake Imaging trail head. This trail system, like Bent Creek, has numerous trails that you can spend all day in. The flow was absolutely amazing, and my brother in law and I would stop after a section and excitedly chat about how awesome that section was. Stopping every so often made it a little easier to get my camera out.
pugsley at bent creek
pugsley gravel grinding
DuPont state forest has a great system of trails, with lots of gravel roads to connect them all. It was pretty interesting grinding out on the gravel with the Pugsley.
aaron on ridgelineAaron shredding the Ridgeline trail.
climbing hickory mountainMe finishing the Hickory Mountain climb.
DuPont was an amazing trail system. After riding a good chunk of the system, we headed back to the trail head via the Ridgeline trail, which was quite possibly one of the best trails that I have ever ridden. The entire trail flowed like a pump track, with banked turns and lots of rollers to keep your momentum up. It was an amazing way to end the ride.
dupont state forest
ridgeline trailMe finishing up the Ridgeline Trail.
Since both of these trails are not too far away, I hope to make another road trip in the near future to spend more time exploring. Hope you found some trail time over the holiday weekend!


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