New Stuff from Surly…

Highlights from Surly’s 2014 model year.

Outside Cincy

If you haven’t been paying attention to bicycle news, Surly is at it once again, dropping amazing products at the annual QBP event known as Saddle Drive. I cannot imagine how awesome it would be to go to these events. Let’s take a look at the bikes that are setting the internets on fire this week:

Surly ECR
The new ECR is essentially an Ogre on steroids. While sporting similar tires to the Krampus, this bike has all of the braze-ons like the popular Ogre and Troll models, and has the same rear end as those two, making this the end all be all dirt camping bike of choice. What does ECR stand for? Only the good folks at Surly knows for sure. What I do know though, is that many Ogres are going to be hitting the used market.

The Straggler
surly straggler
Folks have been complaining for a disc version…

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