2014 Salsa bike preview…

If you haven’t checked it out already, Salsa Cycles has released a nice PDF preview of their 2014 lineup. Salsa always delivers a quality bicycle, and this year is no exception. My two favorites from this coming model year:

salsa fargo 2Salsa Fargo 2
The Fargo 2 for this year is similar to the the Fargo of year’s past, but a few changes for 2014:

  • Updated geometry to accept 100mm suspension forks.
  • Firestarter carbon fork with Rockshox Maxle.
  • Amazing blue paint job.

salsa mukluk 2The Mukluk continues to be a great option for fat biking.  This year brings out a couple changes, which are very similar to the Fargo.

  • Bearpaw tapered aluminum fork.
  • Geometry changed to accept a 100mm suspension fork.

These two bikes are my favorite out of the options for this year, mostly due to their paint jobs.  These two bikes look amazing, and seriously, if you don’t like the way your bike looks, you probably won’t ride it as much.  Great looking bikes Salsa!

Check out the rest of their lineup here.


4 thoughts on “2014 Salsa bike preview…

  1. Very cool! I saw that pretty blue one recently and fell in love. We’ve been looking into getting touring bikes, and Salsa is our current favorite!

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