Adding gears to a Surly Pugsley.

pugsley at devou
After a trip to my bike shop of choice, Swallow Bicycle Works, I started my evening project with a glass of white wine. What is that project you might ask? Gears to the Surly Pugsley.
shimano deore cassetteShimano Deore Cassette
I have an upcoming trip to the mountains of Western North Carolina, and I decided it would be best for my legs to add a few gears to the fat bike. Not saying that it wouldn’t be fun to ride the Pugsley around Asheville as a single speed though.
surly pugsley drivetrain
For gears on the Pugsley, I am only going with nine. A 1×9 seems to be the way to go, plus I had most of the parts in my spare bin to convert this one over. Who really has an e-type front derailleur laying around right? Anyway, not sure if the gears will be permanent, but for this trip it might maximize my time in the mountains.
surly pugsley cockpitHow many brands can you identify in this shot?
One more piece to the puzzle, then it’s testing time. Not a bad way to spend a little time on a nice evening.


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