Presidential Cycling.

I received an email from a friend today, and the gist of the forward was mocking President Obama for the way he looks riding a bicycle. While a silly concept, as most of us look silly on a bike, especially while on a hybrid. That said, here is the photo:
Pres. obama bike
This photo got me thinking; I wonder what presidents actually rode a bicycle, for fun, exercise, recreation, etc. President Obama rides regularly with his kids on bike paths on family rides, but who else rode regularly while in the oval office? Here are the best photos that I found.
GWB MTBGeorge W. Bush on “Air Force One.”
Whether you liked his policies or not, President Bush was an avid mountain biker. His dual suspension Trek, aptly named “Air Force One,” was a solid bike that was donated to him from Trek bicycles. While in office, he would supposedly ride on the Marine Corps base in Quantico Virginia, with all of his Secret Service personnel along for the ride. Imagine how awesome that would be for your job, security detail on a mountain bike ride? Very cool. President Bush also to this day regularly rides on his ranch in Texas. I would venture to guess that he was the first mountain biking president?
bill clinton bicycle
While not a mountain bike, and not even outside, President Clinton rode around the White House, or at least for this staged photo. Staged or not, this photo is amazing. Definitely captures the essence of the person.

I found a lot of other pictures out there of other politicians, but none were as interesting as these. And, if you still feel that the president looks silly on a bicycle, he looks a little more confident on a mountain bike:
barack obama MTB

Let’s be honest though, when doesn’t being on a mountain bike look better than being on a hybrid? I rest my case.


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