Cogburn Outdoors.

cogburn bikesPhoto from

New from the bicycle super company QBP comes an entirely new market for bicycle, Cogburn Outdoors. This company is catering entirely towards hunters, fishers, and gatherers with a method of getting outdoors on a bicycle. The camouflaged fat bike frame is supposedly equipped with Shimano and Surly parts, with a few upcoming racks and accessories to make your hunting trip a little more interesting, and stealthy.

Introducing Cogburn Outdoors from Cogburn on Vimeo.

This bike is interesting. I can’t imagine that many hunters will embrace this bicycle idea. Maybe a few bow hunters, who rely more on staying hidden, but honestly, I just do not see most hunters riding a bicycle. Now before you leave angry comments about “What do you know?” I grew up hunting, and in a small town area where hunting is huge. This seems like a niche market, in a still relatively niche market in fat bikes. Maybe I’m wrong, but with the MSRP that I have read at around $2500, I just don’t see it happening.

That doesn’t mean it is not cool though. It is badass.


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