1950s Rollfast.

rollfast before
Old bikes have a way with people. Especially me. This bike has been in my stable for a while now, thanks to my Aunt and Uncle. My Aunt had picked it up at a yard sale, and was under the impression that it was an old Schwinn. I believed that too, until I started stripping the rattle can paint job and found the original head badge, which said “Rollfast.”
dual top tube
Rollfast started in the 1890s under a different name, and a few names later closed up shop in the 1970s. This bike, from what I can tell, is from the 1950s. My favorite part of this bike is the dual swoopy top tube, which just screams classy.
rollfast knobby
I have ridden this bike in a variety of ways. Full fenders, chain guard, and 26×1.5″ slicks to sans fenders and guard with knobbies. Bikes with coaster brakes are just a blast to ride, on the road or in the dirt.
rollfast slicks
This bike has a ton of miles on it, but is the most reliable of my current garage of bikes. I would relate it to an old 4×4, which looks ugly, but still works. The single speed drive train is flawless, and the coaster hub is not the best, but still lays down a mean skid.
rollfast np
Rollfast is one of many older brands that you can find pretty cheap if you look hard enough. Check out Craigslist for the occasional bargain, or start hitting up local yard sales and you are bound to turn up something interesting. Regardless of what it is, get out and ride.


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